Saturday, August 18, 2012

eid (:



i was driving down the road when i saw Ramadhan. yes, Ramadhan. He was waving at me and yelling, 'Goodbye Jaz! may we see each other the next year bro!'. i was shocked. Ramadhan told me that he was going to stay with me for a month, had it already been a month? come on... it felt like 2weeks had passed by, not a month.

so, i checked the calender on my phone, and yes, it was already a month. no wonder lah Ramadhan was leaving.

heh. how Time flies. i wish Time has smaller wings on occasions like this.

so, i continued to drive, and wham bam thank you ma'am, i almost hit a person. Holy Freaking Fish! quickly, i ran out of the car and towards the person.

'hey! i know you!' i yelled, surprised.
that person laughed.
'don't laugh! its not funny! you can't just jump in front of my car like that. i could have killed you man!'
'hahahaha. sooooooo, i heard, Ramadhan had left you?'
i answered with a sad nod.
'well, rise and shine! i'm here!'

oooh, by the way, that person that i hit, that almost died, that laughed after knowing the fact that he could die was Eid. his full name is Eid ul Fitri, but call him Eid.

selamat hari raya. insert all cliches sentences and there you go! my eid speech.
have an awesome Eid, everyone deserves an Eid (:


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